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However, the tomb of Zeynel Bey, an Islamic Ak Koyunlu tribesman who fought for supremacy in Anatolia before the rise of the Ottoman empire, has already been moved to a new "archaeological park", which authorities are banking on becoming a major tourist attraction.

Mr Perinçek said the genocide was an "international lie" in Switzerland in 2005 but the country has laws which criminalise denial as racial discrimination and he was found guilty in 2008.

Excavations in the area have uncovered a settlement dating back to 9500 BC.

But the new dam and hydroelectric power station project is set to completely submerge it in water.

The Turkish embassy, along with others from around the globe, is currently in Tel-Aviv, Israel's capital.

But after President Donald Trump declared earlier this month that the United States will now recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, President Erdogan (pictured at extraordinary summit of 57 Islamic nations this week) has stepped up his own pro-Palestine campaign. A Syrian activist and her journalist daughter have been killed at their home in the Turkish city of Istanbul.