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I drag a list control on the body, underneath the table. A list is also dynamic, because the number of rows returned can change. To do so, I right-click the header and choose to Insert Row Now, when I Preview the report, I see two rows for each item.

The first row is the header, with the static titles like “Product Number” and “Name”.

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Jes Borland is a Senior SQL Engineer at Concurrency and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.Well, off course I wish to use the report, so I selected Yes. After the conversion, the document could not be loaded and this is what I saw: Does this mean I have to redo the entire report? After a bit of searching, I ran into this blogpost, which helped me a lot. It wasn't apparent that this was the issue, because there are no errors.Today, I had to copy a report of our product to a customers database.