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At this time, the first letter in the name was changed, and Cambi was founded, initiating the commercialization and further technology development of Cambi leading to the development of the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process (Cambi THP™), which has revolutionized the handling of sludge and organic waste around the world.

In the years to come we will continue to focus on our customers, developing our core technologies and services, creating long-term value for our shareholders, and holding true to our strategic vision of reducing sludge disposal costs while producing valuable products in the process.

However, that original application for the pulp and paper industry evolved in the direction towards the wastewater treatment sector due to promising results in laboratory tests.

The first full scale THP project was developed with HIAS and implemented at a plant for the City of Hamar in Norway in 1994.

Based on the documentation of the performance through the first years of operation at HIAS, Cambi established a cooperation with Thames Water in 1998 to build a Cambi THP in the UK and Ireland.