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"We're inherently niche for a reason because if you want to date everyone, you can go on Tinder."Detroit will start with an initial hand-selected dating pool of 500 people, spread across a 100-mile radius.The League, which is based in San Francisco, says it chose these men and women from a total of 2,522 applicants.With Parkmobile’s mobile app, starting your parking transaction takes just a few seconds.If you’re driving a different car than the one you registered, you can quickly change the license plate number and activate your parking session.

"I’m excited about finding people who I know are ambitious, I know they have a good job ... But I kind of view it as a networking club where you have to have graduated from (college) to get in.But Davis says The League's admissions process isn't that different from the filters that people regularly use on their own when planning different aspects of their lives."Why do you choose the neighborhood you live in or the bar you go to?Because you want to be around like-minded, similar individuals who share the same aspirations," Davis said.A “double tap” feature lets video viewers skip ten seconds forward or backward, in case they want to go back to a section they missed or skip over the boring parts.Also, the playback speed of videos can now be sped up or slowed down, as is the case in your browser.