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£60 to £150 depending on time of year full details on our web site under About …. All the hotels have treated our girls with respect and there is nothing like getting ready in your own room taking that short nervous (exciting) walk to the club and then collapsing back after a great night (don’t forget the baby doll nighty …

)If you are changing at the club you need to know we have limited changing space at The Minories. If you wear your underwear under your male clothes that saves a lot of time and hopping round on one foot.

You might have the number for a black cab company that might be a fraction cheaper.Late at night cabs are the ONLY safe way to travel – specially for a girl.The club has regular “early birds” and those that change at the club from 9pm.It has a dance floor with lights and massive screen overlooked by our 2 DJs.Our entertainment is held here at or The graphics from our big screen runs to all the TV screens including the garden and you can see our shows relayed to all the TV screens.