Single swimmers dating olympics

This time that pleasure falls to our sensational and simply stunning Diving Diva - Mermaid Elise !

Using a nice little collection of vintage scuba gear featuring one of our always dependable US Divers Calypso single hose regs plus an quite old Tabata scuba mask, which has a cute little nose cavity / purge valve arrangement ?

It's Mermaid Porchia, of course, wearing that same 'Scubaliscious' outfit that certainly made one or two of you sit up and take notice, back in April, when we posted the first part of her still pictures gallery !

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This one's a really lovely video clip Guys - a full eight and a half minutes long ! This is a real nice video clip of a beautiful young "1970's Scuba Babe" wearing a classic Cressi Full Face Scuba Mask that so many of you seem to hold in high esteem.( she did struggle a little with her rubber hood inflating, but we have that sorted for next time ;-) 401MB - MP4_1080p HD Posted 19th August 2016.Here's a video clip set to make a few pulses race ?Vintage one piece swimsuits, vintage single hose regs and oval masks combined with two amazing bodies and lots of gorgeous, long, flowing, multi-coloured hair ! However, I'm so pleased to be able to tell y'all that these have been resolved now, hopefully seamlessly and that all should now be fully up and running again.And so, without more ado and for those 'serious' divers amongst you, please enjoy some underwater moving images of our gorgeous Mermaid Helena trying her best to look good and fully in control, as she slips beneath the surface in her black rubber diving suit ! Of all the scuba scenarios we have produced over eight years now, the ones that our valued members never seem to tire of are those featuring any of our Amazing Aquawomen using twin-hose scuba. In all the years we have been bringing underwater imagery to you, we have never featured any of our girls wearing BCD's / Stab jackets .