Consolidating multiple domains

You'll eventually want to move all email into one Exchange organization, but this trick buys you some time to perform your migration.

A company merger requires excellent communication from everyone on both sides, and this typically means lots of meetings.

If you have a portfolio of websites, deciding to do away with (or ‘sunsetting’, for those of a more delicate disposition) one of them can be a tough decision.

Much like the cliché when it comes to breaking-up with a not-so-loved one, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons associated with merging (two or more) websites or keeping them separate.

Free/busy information replicated between Exchange organizations can be as much as 30 minutes old; be sure to communicate this detail to your users.

The application comes in two parts: the Replication Configuration program and the Replication service.

If you shortcut the planning process, you'll pay for it eventually.

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Once, for a global B2B drinks provider, and on another occasion for a leading UK-based investment trust.We'll assume that the network engineers have solved the connectivity issues with either a site-to-site VPN, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), or another secure solution.Nothing I describe can be completed without network connectivity.You can create another easy win by sharing free/busy information between the company's two halves.Microsoft provides a free tool called the Inter-Organization Replication tool that replicates public folders and free/busy information.