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Prosecutors at the Juvenile Court further charged Yasemin Vatansever and Yetunde Diya, who are friends from north London, with one count of possessing an illegal substance.

Their trial will start a week tomorrow when the charges are expected to be formalised.

Hardly ever a somber, low-key affair, Ghanaian funerals are a social event attended by a large number of mourners, which could reach hundreds -- the more, the better.

"That means the person was very friendly, very charitable, was good to socialize, was having a good communication with the people within the society," says Jamima, a family friend who attends the funeral of the 70-year-old Joanna Boafo in the town of Kumasi.

"We are investing in the dead rather than the living ...

The Boafos, like many grieving Ghanaian families, hold a church service for Joanna as well.

About 300 tons of cocaine, with a street value of £30 billion, is now trafficked through West Africa to Europe every year, according to Interpol estimates.

Loaded on to ships in South America, consignments are taken to the mid-Atlantic where they are transferred to African-registered vessels.

Once shipments reach the coastal waters of countries such as Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone or Ghana, small fishing boats meet the deliveries.

They convey the drugs to the shore, where consignments are loaded on to waiting cars.