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In my past, I spent time at Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, running the Blu-ray and DVD Benchmark they created and updating it as features changed.With the help of Stacey Spears (co-creator of the Spears and Munsil HD Benchmark test disc), we devised a testing system to determine which Blu-ray players were actually accurate and which were not, working to show that even in digital, you can introduce errors because of color-space conversions and other factors.We test all our recommendations to ensure that they live up to their claims, but there’s no other way to tell for certain whether a particular TV actually supports the standards they claim to have.Caveats aside, if you have a TV that can show off 4K resolution with true HDR and WCG support, 4K Blu-ray discs will outperform any video you’ve watched at home and look more dynamic and colorful than what you’ll see in almost any movie theater.

It also has some convenient features, like the ability to send audio directly to your Bluetooth headphones.You need HDR/WCG because many 4K Blu-ray discs use “2K digital intermediates.” This means the movie is finished at 2K resolution, and then upconverted to 4K.Most Hollywood movies are currently made this way as finishing in 4K is more expensive and time-consuming.This means that the improvements in picture quality come primarily from the HDR and WCG, not from the image resolution.So unless you have a TV that does real HDR, you might not notice much difference over a regular 1080p Blu-ray disc.