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Never mind the fact his wife was out of her mind with worry: he apparently deliberately went walkabout in an ‘old school’ manner as he wanted some alone time and ‘space’. He’s 57, not some gap-year student who can’t decide what religion to follow this week. Explorers are supposed to be interested in the world, not their own navel.

The stupid man went in search of a lost tribe (no irony there) without any GPS equipment or a phone. A friend told a newspaper: ‘For people like Ben it’s about finding out more about yourself.’Oh, for pity’s sake!

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Look at the photos of explorer Benedict Allen, rescued from the jungle in Papua New Guinea. No apology on Earth can make up for the fact that he wandered off, doubtless sucking like a baby on one of those drinking bottles so beloved by cyclists, with nary a backward glance for his family: he has three young children.

Funny how it never seems to stop them straying from the path again.

Allen himself told his wife via satellite phone: ‘I’m so sorry I put you through this.’ That’s exactly what men say when they sleep with other women and you find out.

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