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As Foster continues to adventure into the unknown world of modeling, she does so with courage.

“I think we need to just show humanity for what it really is,” Foster said.

The next day, she returned to UP to attend the second day of her senior year at the University of Portland.

Foster is good at finding these jobs through networking.

After posing and realizing she liked it, Foster sent profile shots to Q6 Talent, who took her on as a model.

As a new model, Foster hopes to bring diversity to the modeling industry.

Sozzani became editor of the prestigious title in 1988 after stints at other Conde Nast titles.

While models can often be asked to wear minimal clothing for shoots to depict a sexualized image, Foster hopes to make people aware that everyone can create art with their body without oversexualizing it. “It seems ridiculous that we are unable to accept our own and one another's bodies without thinking about sex or attraction.” Also not model-like: Foster has tattoos on her legs, arms and feet.

On her inner arm is a small silver acorn that she uses as a focal point to center herself before she goes onstage.

“She’s so bright that she can spread herself so thin and do well in all areas.” After she graduates, Foster wants to move to a more “art-centric city.” Her goal is to move New York, where she plans on being an actor, along with pursuing a career in modeling.

Even though Foster has only modeled for less than a year, she continues to work on pursuing her acting career and surrounding herself with her passions.