Blind text dating

There was no preamble or warning, just, "Yeah, I killed a guy once" like he was talking about the weather.

He also told me that he'd seen Bigfoot in his backyard and that the NSA was tapping his computer and that's why he didn't believe in the Internet. —Marisa Kahla, Facebook My blind date did stand-up comedy on the side.

A day after they spoke on the phone for the first time, he completely inappropriately asked her if she was taking birth control. Getting weird vibes from the whole thing, she canceled the date. But after she cancelled their date, he sent her a series of incredibly bizarre messages. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to the creepy, inappropriate messages men have sent women online.

And you almost certainly have a friend who has received a message so crazy, she just had to share it with you.

With all of the adrenaline coursing through my system I promptly threw up.

He asked me if he could borrow my ring to do a trick, which I obliged. Mallory, Facebook As I was crossing the street, I accidentally fell into a pothole and broke my foot.

After we ordered drinks and food, he told me that he didn't bring any money.

I can't swim, so a woman resembling Ruth Bader Ginsberg had to come and fish me out. —Beckingham Palace Throughout the entire dinner my blind date refused to talk to me.He then asked our waitress if we could switch tables because he wanted a better view of the Knicks game. —Arielleb41efb02bc My neighbor set me up with her brother who was 12 years older than me.He brought up politics and scolded me for being a feminist the entire time, saying it wasn't needed anymore and women had achieved all of the equality they deserved. —roastbeefsandwich We were sitting near an open window at my favorite restaurant.His mother showed up 45 minutes later in a nightgown without a bra.He ended up driving her home first, and I finally got home an hour and half after dinner.