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Note for OS X 10.2 Users: If you did not choose to run Live Update when installing Norton Anti Virus or Norton Personal Firewall, you may see this error message when you reboot: The program you are using needs to use a system file that may reduce the security of your computer. Then, run Live Update to update both Norton Anti Virus and Norton Personal Firewall. Schedule the anti-virus program to check for daily updates of virus definition files so that your computer will always be able to identify the newest viruses.You may also want to consider creating a new Weekly scan that will update All Products.I've had to do that once on my pc with Norton 360, and it work. What ever you do, don't give up on Symantec Norton, it's the BEST!! I don't know if it has to due with the patch so Norton Repair AI told me to use the Norton Removal Tool and re-install Norton Security.I looked up the forum to see what happen and there was patch recently to update the toolbar for Firefox.To download and run Remove Symantec Mac Files: Symantec Removal Tool (Symantec Removal is a modification to Remove Symantec Mac Files, designed to be pushed out using customer's choice of remote deployment tool. As with Remove Symantec Mac Files, all files and folders that Symantec Mac products have created will be removed; therefore, you will lose all files that reside in those folders, including any that you have created manually.For more information, please see the readme file included with the Symantec Removal Tool download.

I have this same program on two other computers but have not had problems with them.

This will update and install new versions of Norton as well as new versions of Live Update , the Norton updating program.

If you have Auto-Protect turned on (this is the default), your system will be protected most of the time.

On initiating update I now simply get the message 'Updating error There was an error performing the update'.

Can anyone explain why the Live Update function is not working? For no apparent reason neither the automatic Norton update or a user-initiated update is working. There seems no way to get any further information about what error or why. All other aspects of Norton (and of my Mac Book) are working normally.