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Like rainbows, giraffes, language and even sexual pleasure, the virgin birth isn’t 100 per cent “necessary” but it’s good and, hey, brings joy to the world.Needless to say, it’s also like the perfect Christmas present from Someone special.Thirdly, we have the HELPFUL FICTION View (#3) which is that the early Christians simply wove the idea of the virgin birth into their oral tradition i.e.the stories that were passed on by “word of mouth” over the years.Barca’s Suarez, Real’s Ronaldo hit top form in time for Clasico British police probe alleged racist attack on Man City’s Sterling The Edit: Mario Batali lambasted for ‘cinnamon roll’ apology Female British embassy worker found strangled near Beirut Boys and girls, in case you didn’t know it, the god-man known as Jesus (whose birth is the main event of Christmas) is said to be “born of a virgin” i.e. One of my smarter pals (who, well, has spent a considerable amount of time studying human biology via selected videos) pulled me aside and explained it in a way which can’t make it onto an online newspaper.his mum, Mary, didn’t “have relations” with his dad, Joseph, until Jesus came out. What is the place of the virgin birth in Christian thought? My teacher, to the best of my recollection, never asked me if I found out the word’s meaning.So decades passed and eventually Matthew and Luke ratify the birth in their gospels as a way of “confirming” the divine nature of Christ.

Which is why I personally hold to the WONDER-BABY View (#5).The mother and daughter were catching a flight to Malaysia, where Carol’s parents’ graves reside.Though Carol was aware that they were being followed, she did not attempt to cover Hanna’s face or find another escape route with her bodyguards.Doing something supernatural and super-special sounds like what a creative, all-loving Person would do as a way of announcing that fresh hope is about to begin.The virgin birth declares that there’s more to the world than we think, that the world isn’t a closed “machine” prodding along cold and empty, that the universe the cold empty void that human logic makes it to be, that there is an extraordinary kindness and goodness about it which reflects its Maker.