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In the chocolate shop I was interested in purchasing dark chocolate with dark fruit for the antioxidant value of rezveratrol.My first query was whether the chocolates contained oil or cocoa butter and soya lecithin.On one of our last days there I had some business in a tax office in the town of Leeuwarden in the north.We parked our rental car, a black monster of a Volvo which we had to get at the Amsterdam airport in order to fit in the luggage of four people.He gestured at the other women sitting on the other side of the room.All four of them wore sturdy sandals or walking shoes, practical Dutch foot wear.After paying for our consumptions, we were invariable wished “nog een fijne dag” or a variant of it, which corresponds with “have a nice day.” My man and I would look at each other and say, sheesh, I wonder why Dutch people are so unfriendly. Terrace in the town of Sneek When asking a shop assistant for something in an Albert Heijn supermarket one day, the person walked me all the way over to the other side to show me where to find what I was looking for.In another store I couldn’t find what I needed and they gave me directions to a place where I could, and did it with a smile.

“I just can’t imagine why the Dutch are so rude and unfriendly,” he said. Of course my husband is Dutch so I’m biased 🙂 Have never come across a rude person during all my visits to the Netherlands.A young man came striding in from the outside, glanced around and approached the two of us while holding out his phone showing a picture. He’d turned off the engine, and had gone in search of us. We thanked the guy profusely and my mate rushed out the door to lock the car. ” I asked the man, and he explained it was his guess we were here in this office, and as he entered the waiting room he’d glanced around to see who might be the likely owner of the Volvo.And this is where it gets interesting, dear reader, because he picked me.Whether right in Amsterdam, in other towns or in the country.We moved around a lot this trip, showing our American daughters around and visiting family and old friends.