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Her 15-year-old son, she said, had also been abused.

Included in the letter was a four-page statement from the boy himself alleging multiple sexual abuse." "In recent months, an extraordinary storm of allegations have appeared - spurred by a document called The Findings [..] Originally published in document form, The Findings quickly found its way on to the internet, where it has become the catalyst for a raging cyberspace debate about whether Sai Baba is truly divine or, as one disenchanted former devotee describes him, 'a dangerous paedophile'." Brown Mick, The Spiritual Tourist, Ch: The Miracle In North London, pp.

Anyway, why would anyone contrive such a spectacle?

There was no apparent profit or gain to be had from it for Mr Patel.

The singing is followed by a period of silent meditation, and then arati is performed in the usual fashion before the altar.

Devotees receive prashad as they leave" (Babb 170) "Sathya Sai Baba is, among other things, a teacher. He is a frequent giver of discourses, now compiled in several volumes.

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His manner was humble, self-effacing, patently sincere. Even questioning his account of the miracle I felt mean-spirited, a prisoner of rationalist thought.A large sign near the pictures urged visitors not to give money, but to 'leave only your troubles'". It had, if anything, caused him considerable personal inconvience. He entertained a constant stream of visitors and enquiries; he was required to maintain the shrine in proper order.He had long ago abandoned any thoughts of installing a snooker-table as he had originally planned.The main event is the singing of devotional songs, most of which are overtly addressed to Sathya Sai Baba himself.A book containing suitable bhajans is owned by many devotees.